What's the difference between BuiltLean Muscle & Transformation?

The BuiltLean Muscle program is actually very different from the Transformation program.

BuiltLean Transformation is designed to help you lose fat without losing muscle, so the workouts are faster paced and comprised of bodyweight & dumbbell exercises. Additionally, the meal plan requires you eat fewer calories than you burn.
BuiltLean Muscle is designed to help you maximize building muscle without gaining fat. The workout plan includes a higher volume of training using a variety of barbell exercises, which means more sets in each workout to optimally stimulate muscle growth. We do have a gym-to-home conversion sheet in case you don't have access to barbells. In addition, the nutrition plan requires you eat more calories than you burn. 
Trying to lose fat and build muscle at the same time is an easy sell, but not the best strategy in our opinion. At BuiltLean, we believe focusing on fat loss OR muscle gain is a smarter strategy and yields better results than attempting to do both simultaneously.
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