How do you know 1800 calories is right for all men over 175 lbs, and 1400 calories is right for all women over 125 lbs?

Even if I saw you in person, took your body fat, and applied it to a chart, there is still no guarantee the calorie intake level would be perfect. The idea is that 1800 calories for men, and 1400 calories for women, should ensure you have a calorie deficit, but it's not so low that you risk nutrient deficiencies assuming you are eating whole foods etc.

If you find that you're rapidly losing weight, are incredibly hungry, or are suffering from low-energy, you can always add another snack to your program. It's important that you pay attention to your own body, and find out what works best for you.

Drink enough water and manage your hunger. You shouldn't feel extremely hungry on this program.

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  • 1400 calories for women, how much for men?

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