I have a question about drinks, for example a glass of orange juice for breakfast, or a cup of coffee, etc. what kind of beverages may I drink except of water and tea?

I would recommend not drinking any other beverages aside from water, tea, kombucha, or coffee (ideally with few calories added). Coffee is cool, just be mindful of adding sugar / heavy cream. Calories in drinks like orange juice - which is typically a huge amount of sugar - can creep up and derail the nutrition plan. We try to promote drinking water for hydration as nature intended. But if there are other drinks you want that are zero or very low calories (20 calories or less), you can certainly consider them. Also, you can consider skipping the mid-afternoon snack if you want to add 100-200 calories of cream / milk to your morning coffee. Any calories that are extra to what we already outlined are above what we recommend.

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