I've hit a weight loss plateau and stopped losing weight. Any ideas on what I should do?

Losing body fat (not just weight), takes time and patience.  There are a few primary reasons why you may not being losing weight:

1) You are retaining water despite losing fat - If you are not drinking enough water consistently (80 ounces+ of water per day), then your body may be retaining water. This can also happen if you eat relatively more carbohydrates.

2) Calorie Creep - The most common reason I've encountered for some clients plateauing in their weight loss is they eat more calories than they think they are eating. I'm assuming you are filling up mostly on lean proteins and veggies, a little bit of fruit, a little bit of starchy carbs, and a little bit of healthy fat. If you are eating just a few too many calories, this will make it very difficult to lose weight/fat.

3) Not Enough Rest - Doing too much exercise can be counterproductive. I recommend following the exercise part of the program exactly as I lay out. If you add anything, just add light cardio workouts, or some interval training on separate days, but be careful that you are getting enough sleep. Sleep helps improve your hormonal balance.

Remember, it's all about losing fat without losing muscle. That's the goal.

Stay strong and keep up the good work! My clients who had the best transformations were the one's who were the most persistent.

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