Is the BuiltLean Transformation program really what it seems?

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I am very interested in this program but am not to sure about it as there is a lot of programs out there that are shams. With only working out for 3 days for 45 mins and getting results is hard to believe since I lifted weights and took more time to get results. I am in the military so the work out times are great for my schedule. I'm just not a 100% sure about going through with it or not.

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Hi Edward,

I completely understand your concern about the program. I can assure you, however, that the before/after photos on our sales page are 100% real and not scripted. There are many, many more success stories which I have not included.

For more in depth reviews from a number of people who successfully completed the program, check out the links below:

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An important part of successful body transformation is getting the nutrition right. In fact, you could probably get excellent results only working out 2x per week for 30 minutes if you eat well. In addition, the intensity of exercise is a very important factor. There is research that has come out showing exercisers getting results in as little as 2-3 minutes of exercise a few times per week (interval training research -

With all that said, results do vary based on a number of factors including how well people followed the program to genetics, so please keep this in mind .

I hope this makes you feel a bit more comfortable. Either way, I wish you the best of luck and thank you for your service!


Marc Perry
BuiltLean Support

Disclaimer: This message is in no way intended as medical counseling or medical advice. Please consult your doctor before starting any new exercise, or nutrition program.

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