How Many Reps Am I Supposed To Do?


I've read in some of your articles that you need to use higher weight and fewer reps to maintain or even increase strength during the fat loss program. However, I notice in the BuiltLean Transformation workouts that all of the exercises are timed. How do I know if I'm doing enough reps?


As long as you're pushing yourself, you don't need to think about how many reps you're getting per exercise in the BuiltLean Transformation workouts. Your workout intensity is the most important factor here.

The focus of the BuiltLean Transformation Program is to help you lose weight while maintaining lean muscle. This goal is accomplished through strength circuits that utilize full-body strength and plyometric exercises.

Each workout is designed to maximize your calorie burn and induce the afterburn effect where you're burning more calories all day long. Additionally, each phase of the program becomes progressively more challenging so you don't plateau.

To ensure that you're being challenged enough, you should choose a weight that you can complete for 10 reps. If you reach a point of muscular fatigue in the middle of your exercise interval, rest for a few seconds so that you can do each rep with perfect form & technique.

Good luck!

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