I’m really out of shape. Can the program work for me?

The original inspiration for the BuiltLean Program was to help people who had fallen out of shape and wanted to feel like an athlete again. The goal of this 12-week program is to help you accomplish that while building a stronger, leaner body.

The BuiltLean Program is comprised of three phases. The first phase focuses on building strength and stability. The second combines strength and intensity. And the third phase pushes your metabolic threshold for maximal fat burning.

The workouts within each phase are designed to progress in difficulty over time, so your body has time to adjust to the intensity and improve safely. Additionally, you can adapt the workouts to meet your level of fitness by: (1) adjusting your rest time, (2) modifying the exercise, and (3) adjusting your weights.

So yes, the BuiltLean Program is a safe and effective program if you have not exercised in a while.

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