Is this program suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, the BuiltLean Nutrition Program includes recipes that are appropriate for vegetarians (eat dairy and/or eggs, but avoid meat and fish), and can be adjusted for vegans (no meat, fish, dairy, or eggs).

The BuiltLean Program recommends including complete proteins at each meal, regardless of your dietary preferences. Some excellent plant-based sources of complete protein include quinoa, hemp seeds, chia seeds, tofu, and tempeh. Of course, you can combine two complementary incomplete vegetable protein sources (rice and beans for example) to create a complete protein as well, but the BuiltLean Program does not go into detail about the different types of complementary proteins you can combine.

If you are familiar with complementary proteins and the types of vegetables that have more protein, you should not experience any difficult following the nutrition guidelines in the BuiltLean Program.

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