What do I do after the program?

What do I do after the program?
The goal of BuiltLean Transformation is to provide you an easy to use and effective plan and also educate you to follow a healthy lifestyle that helps you lose fat and stay lean.
Here are the major points to consider after BuiltLean Transformation:
1) Continue to weigh yourself once per week – Create an acceptable weight range. If you ever exceed this range, the alarms go off and you make working out/eating a priority.
2) Recycle the BuiltLean workouts you like – You can make them harder by adding more sets, using more weights, mixing and matching them. You can also substitute various exercises within each workout, just use the basic templates. Some customers even complete the program a second time but increase the intensity of the workouts and the weights lifted.
3) Find activities you enjoy – Try exercise classes at your gym, joining a soccer league, or other activities. I do suggest at least 1 strength training workout per week to maintain results, preferably two. I personally lift 3x per week. At the end of the day, if you don’t enjoy the activity even a little, it will be very hard to sustain it.
5) Join BuiltLean VIP – We have additional workouts for you to complete, an awesome community for you to join, and a trainer on-demand service to help you with your workouts and anything you need help with. You can sign up right here (enter promo code "expertsupport" for 50% off:
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