What does a "Circuit" mean?

Here’s an example:

1A) Squats
1B) Lunges
2A) DB Bench Press
2B) Lat Pulldown

In this case, you would superset Squat and Lunges by completing one after the other with as little rest as possible (under 30 seconds), then resting for 30-45 seconds after completing both exercises, then repeating again for the targeted number of sets.

Then you move on to the next superset of DB Bench Press and Lat Pulldown and repeat, and so on. You can try wearing a heart rate monitor and keep your heart rate high, which can help motivate you to just push through a tough workout in a safe way. I think you should wait until you catch your breath, but not very long! The concept is incomplete rest. If you really can’t breathe well, then you won’t be able to complete any reps, so listen to your body and keep up the pace. It’s the difference between a good workout, and a great workout.

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