What is an online portal, or digital product?

The BuiltLean Program is a series of ebooks (e-manuals) that can be downloaded right to your computer. The BuiltLean Program is only available on this website, and is not available for purchase at any bookstores.

There are several benefits to you, the customer in purchasing an ebook vs. a physical product:

1) There are NO shipping costs
2) There are no materials costs, which would substantially add to the cost of the program
3) You receive INSTANT access to the BuiltLean Program, instead of having to wait as long as 2 weeks for shipping.
4) If you live outside of the U.S., shipping costs can be prohibitively expensive. A digital download allows for much greater distribution to anyone with an internet connection.
5) You can view the documents on just about any digital medium, including on a smart phone, an iPad, your laptop, or your desktop. You can also print one copy of the materials at your convenience.

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