I’m having trouble controlling my calories and eating the right foods. Any extra tips?

Besides the guidelines outlined in the nutrition section of the program, which include eating whole, natural, unprocessed foods, along with the section on how to control cravings, you should consider keeping a food journal as an objective record of your food intake. Becoming conscious of your eating habits by keeping a food journal can make it much easier for you to control your calories. Additionally, jot down the situations when you overeat. What are you feeling? Where are you? What happened? Associating negative images and thoughts with unhealthy foods can help you to avoid them. For more information, check out this post: How to Keep A Food Journal.

Remember that "out of sight is out of mind". If you put a plate of fresh pasta with mozzarella cheese right in front of the most disciplined eater, he or she will eat it. Your health and well-being are at stake here. Associate the empty calories and carbs (pasta, white bread etc.) with pain, and discomfort. Unprocessed, nutrient dense foods that nature intended us to eat will help you reveal your true potential. Nothing worth having in life is easy, so just keep putting forth the effort!

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