I never got the email to access the program?

First, don’t worry!  If you successfully purchased the program, you can be sure you will get a copy of the program.

There are usually three reasons why a download email is not sent:

(1) you inputted your email incorrectly when your ordered, this is the most common reason

(2) Your email address, or server is not accepting emails from “support@builtlean.com”, so the email bounced.

(3) Your order never went through if you didn't receive either the log-in email, or a receipt of your purchase.

In any event, please use our contact form and let us know your issue. We will let you know (1) if your purchase did, or did not go through and (2) if it did go through, we will send you via email either a new link to download the program, or the program as an attachment. We try our best to respond as fast as possible (less than 24 hours, oftentimes within a few hours if during normal U.S. business hours - Eastern Standard Time) depending on our email volume and the time of day.

Please be assured we will get back to you!

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