Does BuiltLean Transformation work for women too? Why aren't there more testimonials?

BuiltLean Transformation does work for women! In fact, the program has helped women around the world get a slimmer and more toned body by losing fat without losing muscle. We do not have many testimonials from women at this time because few women have wanted to share their “before” photos on our website. If you send us your success story with before/after photos, we’ll send you a free t-shirt!

Strength training exercises are the foundation of the BuiltLean workout program, so it's important that you're comfortable with strength training exercises. Psychologically, many women fear that they'll get “bulky” by lifting weights, but the exact opposite happens - they get a slim, toned, sexy body! If you want to lose fat without losing muscle quickly and safely, the BuiltLean Program will not disappoint.

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